Euro 2016: Hungary vs Belgium… Live

by | Jun 26, 2016

The last of our three Euro 2016 matches for the day comes from the south of the country, between Belgium and Hungary. Belgium are starting to move into gear following a disastrous performance in their opening match against Italy. Comfortable wins against Ireland and Sweden were enough to put them into the second round despite this opening loss and a team of many talents seems to be finally coming together. With such a lop-sided draw having been delivered, it remains entirely possible that the FIFA rankings’ second placed team might yet be able to get the final of this competition.

They’d be fools to take this Hungary team lightly, though. Widely written off before the start, Hungary have been one of this summer’s revelations, beating Austria with a degree of comfort before drawing with both Iceland and Portugal to qualify for this round of the competition as winners of their group. And as their extraordinary match against Portugal demonstrated, they are one of the wild cards at this stage of proceedings, capable to attacking brilliantly and defending terribly, but do they have enough to overcome Belgium’s multitude of talents? And as if that isn’t enough, the winners will be playing Wales in the next round of the competition. Heady times.

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Ian June 26, 20169:52 pm

Full-Time: Belgium 4-0 Hungary. Hungary deserved better than that. Their second half performance will largely be forgotten for the late goal glut, though, and their defensive performance left so many holes at the back that goals became inevitable. Still not certain how good Belgium are after that, but they’re pretty good.

Edward June 26, 20169:50 pm

Full time in Toulouse. Belgium deserve their win but the scoreline is tough on Hungary. Then again, they were in control of how they went about defending, so maybe it wasn’t. Hungary 0-4 Belgium. Belgium!

Edward June 26, 20169:49 pm

It is Yannick Carrasco. De Bruyne slides him in and the finish is a formality. Belgium are the first team to score four goals in a match at Euro 2016. It is tough on Hungary, who have been spirited, particularly in the second half.

Belgium 4-0 Hungary.

Ian June 26, 20169:48 pm


Edward June 26, 20169:48 pm


Edward June 26, 20169:47 pm

Axel Witsel update: his plums seem to be OK.

Edward June 26, 20169:45 pm


Edward June 26, 20169:42 pm

The ache of the pre match Eden Hazard versus Gareth Bale think pieces, complete with slow motion footage and poetry, is already making the hole in my arse heal over with grief.

Ian June 26, 20169:40 pm

That was beautiful from Hazard. Hungary have played well and this scoreline flatters Belgium a little bit, but they’re still good value for the win.

Edward June 26, 20169:40 pm

Hazard has been unplayable tonight, but how much of that was because Hungary have given him the space?

Edward June 26, 20169:39 pm

Belgium hit Hungary on the break. Once Hazard picks the ball up to the left of the Hungary box, he drives into the centre and finishes it like he is Eden Hazard or something. Belgium 3-0 Hungary.

However, it isn’t over yet. Hazard is withdrawn to universal acclaim and Fellaini(!) is on in his place.

Edward June 26, 20169:37 pm

ANOTHER. Eden Hazard. Fuckin’ hell.

Edward June 26, 20169:36 pm

It is Michy Batshuayi. Eden Hazard sweeps the ball into the box and on a plate for the youngster, whose first touch looks like being the winning goal. Belgium 2-0 Hungary.

Ian June 26, 20169:35 pm


Edward June 26, 20169:35 pm


Edward June 26, 20169:32 pm

Adam Pinter, a defender, is replaced by Nemanja Nikolic, a striker, for Hungary. Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku makes way for Michy Batshuayi of Olympique Marseille. Another one of the Belgian production line of talent.

Edward June 26, 20169:31 pm

Belgium, the second best team on Earth, are battling hard to secure a quarter final with Wales, one of the best eight teams in Europe. These are the headlines.

Ian June 26, 20169:29 pm

Hungary’s final ball has been a little bit lacklustre at times tonight, but they’re getting forward so regularly that they can probably afford a relatively high attrition rate.

Edward June 26, 20169:27 pm

Dries Mertens is withdrawn by Belgium, Yannick Carrasco replaces him.

Edward June 26, 20169:27 pm

Strewth. Hungary’s free kick falls to the feet of Juhasz, who spanners it hard and low, just wide of the Belgian goal. Belgium have started to look like a team riding their luck. Thomas Vermaelen was booked for the foul that gave away the free kick, too. He would miss the quarter final with Wales.

Edward June 26, 20169:23 pm

Simon Brotherton is in the middle of a monologue about how the confidence in Hungarian football has been rebuilt by their run at Euro 2016, that Hungarian children have started to wear Hungary shirts again.

A timely reminder that football commentators, in the event there is nothing to talk about, should say nothing.

Ian June 26, 20169:23 pm

Superb save from Courtois, a shot from the edge of the penalty area takes a huge deflection and might well have wrong-footed him, but he recovered to tip the ball over the crossbar. Still a very open game, and Hungary still very much in it.

Edward June 26, 20169:13 pm

Chance for Hungary: Dzsudszak swings a cross in and Szalai’s header forces a save from Courtois. Not over by a long chalk, this one.

Ian June 26, 20169:13 pm

What an excellent first ten minutes to the second half from Hungary. They’re playing much more directly and have pushed Belgium right back into their own half of the pitch.

Edward June 26, 20169:08 pm

The break seems to have had no effect whatsoever on the game. Belgium continue to exploit space, Hungary continue to occasionally hit on the break. This could be a thrashing or the start of a long night.

Edward June 26, 20169:05 pm

Under way again in Toulouse for more It’s A Knockout.

Edward June 26, 20168:48 pm

Gabor Kiraly is going to need a new pair of trousers if the Hungarian defence carry on like that in the second half. Still, I prefer their approach to Northern Ireland playing seven at the back against Poland.

Ian June 26, 20168:46 pm

No injury time, so it’s 1-0 to Belgium at half-time.

Edward June 26, 20168:43 pm

And another… Dzsudzsak’s low shot slides just wide of the post.

Ian June 26, 20168:43 pm

For all that, though, when they do get forward Hungary are causing Belgium one or two problems, one, from Lovrencsics, hitting the frame behind the goal, and the other squirting a foot or two wide.

Edward June 26, 20168:42 pm

Lovrencsics blasts a shot for Hungary, just over the top of Courtois’ goal. A reminder of the perilousness of one goal leads.

Edward June 26, 20168:39 pm

One of my new favourite hobbies is looking at the replies to each of Gary Lineker’s tweets, to see how many point out that he shat on the pitch. I am hoping to harness them into some formal equation so that we can accurately calculate internet stupidity.

This one blew my mind, though. Off the scale.

Ian June 26, 20168:38 pm

Excellent save from Kiraly, there, flicking the ball onto the crossbar by the width of the roll-up in his left hand. Hungary are are getting this all wrong, by the way. They’re allowing far too much room to Belgium, whose pace in attacking positions has been excellent.

Edward June 26, 20168:34 pm

Belgium are running their way through the gears here, but I don’t think they can be comfortable with a one goal lead.

Ian June 26, 20168:31 pm

They’re taking pot shots already are Belgium, breaking at will and just running at the Hungary defence, and Hungary don’t look as though they’ve got much of a response to it all. A Belgium vs Germany final would be fun.

Edward June 26, 20168:31 pm

Eden Hazard uses every ounce of strength and skill he possesses to muscle his way through the Hungarian midfield, only to lose the ball with a meekly misplaced pass. Which is pretty much his year in summary.

Edward June 26, 20168:29 pm

Toulouse is the only host city at Euro 16 whose name is also a verb in English.

Edward June 26, 20168:27 pm

Another break by Belgium, Dries Mertens haring it down the right flank but can’t find the right angle to square the ball for Eden Hazard. Who probably would have missed anyway.

Edward June 26, 20168:25 pm

Radja Nainggolan’s neck tattoo is so ugly as to be distracting. I feel like an old codger.

Edward June 26, 20168:22 pm

I wonder if the England team have also embraced this radical approach? Truth be told, they’ve probably been out celebrating their victory on Thursday.

Ian June 26, 20168:18 pm

They’re looking very good. Perhaps they had a couple of training sessions where he actually discussed tactics, for once.

Edward June 26, 20168:17 pm

COR. Great ball vison from Lukaku redirecting the ball into the path of De Bruyne, whose shot is stopped by Gabor Kiraly. They are looking as tasty as their shirts.

Edward June 26, 20168:12 pm

Absolutely perfect ball from De Bruyne. A floater, one might even venture.

Edward June 26, 20168:11 pm

Cor, imagine that, a goal.

Edward June 26, 20168:11 pm


Ian June 26, 20168:11 pm

GOAL! Belgium 1-0 Hungary! A free-kick on the left hand side from De Bruyne and Toby Alderweireld is completely unmarked to head the ball in and give Belgium the lead.

Ian June 26, 20168:10 pm

The first ten minutes has been mostly Belgium. De Bruyne and Lukaku have both brought decent saves from Kiraly and Hungary seem happy enough to sit back, let Belgium come at them, and try to hit them on the….


Edward June 26, 20168:09 pm

Belgium’s fortunes remain inextricably linked with Marouane Fellaini.

Ian June 26, 20168:04 pm

Belgium had this shirt with black shorts the other night.

What’s the betting that the next England away kit is black shirts?

Edward June 26, 20168:01 pm

I estimate it is about average. Which is similar to his form this season.

Edward June 26, 20167:59 pm

Belgium’s kit is lovely, but I have just clearly seen the outline of Eden Hazard’s penis through his shorts.

Edward June 26, 20167:21 pm

The third of today’s matches is upon us. Hungary v Belgium. It has a nice, sturdy, European football feel to it, even though we may not have seen it coming. Which Belgium will turn up? Was Zoltan Gera a Magic Magyar? These are all questions that may or may not be answered this evening. The teams are in:

MAGYARORSZAG Grosics, Buzansky, Lantos, Lorant, Bozsik, Zakarias, Budai, Kocsis, Hidegkuti, Puskas, Czibor.
BELGIQUE/BELGIE Courtois, Meunier, Alderweireld, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Nainggolan, Witsel, Mertens, De Bruyne, Hazard, R. Lukaku.

OK, you twisted my arm, the real Hungarian team tonight are: Kiraly, Kadar, Guzmics, Juhasz, Lang, Nagy, Gera, Lovrencsics, Kleinheisler, Dzsudzsak, Szalai. Join us back here in about 20 minutes for more fun and frolics with a pro-European slant.