Euro 2016: Hungary vs Belgium… Live

by | Jun 26, 2016

The last of our three Euro 2016 matches for the day comes from the south of the country, between Belgium and Hungary. Belgium are starting to move into gear following a disastrous performance in their opening match against Italy. Comfortable wins against Ireland and Sweden were enough to put them into the second round despite this opening loss and a team of many talents seems to be finally coming together. With such a lop-sided draw having been delivered, it remains entirely possible that the FIFA rankings’ second placed team might yet be able to get the final of this competition.

They’d be fools to take this Hungary team lightly, though. Widely written off before the start, Hungary have been one of this summer’s revelations, beating Austria with a degree of comfort before drawing with both Iceland and Portugal to qualify for this round of the competition as winners of their group. And as their extraordinary match against Portugal demonstrated, they are one of the wild cards at this stage of proceedings, capable to attacking brilliantly and defending terribly, but do they have enough to overcome Belgium’s multitude of talents? And as if that isn’t enough, the winners will be playing Wales in the next round of the competition. Heady times.

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