Euro 2016 on 200%: England vs Russia… Live!

by | Jun 11, 2016

Its England vs Russia, this evening. It’s also been another afternoon of grim violence in Marseille. Following the events, perhaps there was little chance that today would pass off without a hitch, and so it was that familiar scenes of goading, clouds of tear gas and bottles flying through the air have become, yet again, embedded into our collective consciousness. The theme of this afternoon’s trouble seems to have been attacks on England supporters, and it’s worth taking a moment to remember that those actively seeking trouble are a small minority. Some amongst the vast, peaceful majority, there has been talk, have also been attacked this afternoon.

So, you know, sorry if we’re a little downbeat about it all, but this sort of thing makes it all a little more difficult to be interested in this evening’s match in any meaningful sense than it be do otherwise. And as for those involved in it all, well, a plague on all their houses. A plague on the house of the man who throws plastic chairs around. A plague on the man who throws bottles at people. A plague on the policeman whose first reaction to trouble is to set off tear gas canisters. We don’t want any of you, and you emphatically don’t speak for us. And with that out of my system, we’ll be back shortly with some actual build-up to a football match because, believe it or not, there is one of those taking place this evening. Exciting!

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