Euro 2016: Austria vs Hungary… Live!

by | Jun 14, 2016

So, here we are again with another European Championship group match, and today we’re onto Group F and the match between Austria and Hungary. So, let’s get the brief history lesson out of the way first, shall we? The Austro-Hungarian Empire’s run wasn’t a long one, but it was historically significant. It was at its peak between 1867 until 1918, and in August 1914 the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, one of its outposts, was the catalyst for all concerned – some might argue that it was all the excuse they needed – to hurtle themselves into a war that would cost tens of millions of lives.

That, however, is all ancient history. Both Austria and Hungary have proud football pasts. Had there been a European Championships in 1930, the Austrian team of the era might well have won it. Had there been one twenty years later, the winners might well have been Hungary. And in both cases, these were great teams that were broken up by authoritarian neighbours, Austria by a subsummation into Nazi Germany and Hungary by the Soviet invasion of 1956. In the present day, Hungary, who finished third in their qualifying group, are making their first finals appearance in thirty years, whilst Austria have Europe’s longest unbeaten record at the moment – nine matches.

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George Young June 14, 20166:54 pm

Well, that is a surprise. A huge win for Hungary and Austria never looked like living up to their pre-tournament promise. Their big players, Arnautovic and Alaba, didn’t get involved enough and Kiraly was largely untroubled. Hungary will now really fancy their chances of getting out of this group.

Mark June 14, 20166:54 pm

Unexpected result of the tournament so far. Hungary deserved winners after a fine second-half display. A third goal and they’d be leading the entire tournament on goal difference. Now, Iceland. You…KNOW…WHAT…TO…DO…

Mark June 14, 20166:51 pm

And, yep, no Hungary bookings for the goal love-in. Quite right too. Refs having a good tournament thus far. Even Mark Clattenburg…

Mark June 14, 20166:50 pm

Now Speight compares Stieber’s goal with Davor Suker chipping Peter Schmeichel in Euro 96. Take a glance at the relevant YouTube footage, young ‘uns, to see how ridiculous a comparison that is.

George Young June 14, 20166:49 pm

Doesn’t appear so, seems only Nemeth has been booked for Hungary. The referee does seem to have been quite lenient on some robust tackles (cf. Nagy’s elbow-high effort mentioned below).

Mark June 14, 20166:48 pm

Speight calls it a victory for hard work over style. Which is harsh. Although partly because Austria haven’t shown much “style” yet.

Mark June 14, 20166:47 pm

I’m guessing someone got a booking for Hungary’s goal celebrations. But I’m equally sure that none of the Magyars, between them, can find a **** to give about that…

George Young June 14, 20166:46 pm

Austria had not so much left the back door unlocked on that free kick as left it wide open, with a large arrow to show Hungary the way. Delightful dinked finish by Stieber.

George Young June 14, 20166:45 pm

Hungary’s second goal comes with the team also down to 10 men, Atilla Fiola seems to have injured his own ankle in an over-the-ball tackle on Christian Fuchs.

Mark June 14, 20166:45 pm

Tremendous foul by Hungary’s Nagy so that Attila Fiola can get treatment for an ankle rearrangement courtesy of Fuchs. But ten-man Hungary seal the win with Stieber’s breakaway goal. Woooh.

George Young June 14, 20166:39 pm

If Portugal were to lose, I think we can all agree it definitely won’t be Ronaldo’s fault. It’ll be all the other “little people”.

Yes, that was such a good moment, I didn’t even mind Spain winning.

Mark June 14, 20166:38 pm

The look on Ronaldo’s face when Spain won the shoot-out before he got to take his kick remains my highlight of Euro 2012…

George Young June 14, 20166:38 pm

Laszlo Biro Kleinheisler is replaced by Stieber, both Hungarians with Austrian-sounding names.

Mark June 14, 20166:37 pm

George. I am sure we are not alone. Can’t think (Ronaldo) why though (Ronaldo) because Portugal (Ronaldo) aren’t the (Ronaldo) Ronaldos of the Ronaldo by any Ronaldos…

George Young June 14, 20166:34 pm

I tell you Mark, I would love it if Portugal lost to Iceland….

Mark June 14, 20166:33 pm

Austria v Belgium looking like the “under-achievers and proud of it” pairing of the tournament so far. Although I have high hopes for Portugal…

George Young June 14, 20166:31 pm

This is shaping up to be the most surprising result of the tournament so far, I reckon. Hungary looking much stronger now.

Mark June 14, 20166:30 pm

Fab save by Austrian keeper Almer, a full-stretch tip away which is hugely understated by Speight and Dowie. Reeked of “pivotal moment” to me. And to prove my point, Sabitzer has a clear chance at the other end and…the ball is still rising…

Mark June 14, 20166:27 pm

70 minutes. Game getting “stretched.” As per. Good.

Mark June 14, 20166:27 pm

Substituting players who have just scored seems quite common these days. Don’t get it myself…

George Young June 14, 20166:26 pm

Cripes! Tamas Priskin, star of mid-table Championship clubs, is coming on for Skalai. The commentator says he now plays for Slovan Bratislava. So not Ipswich any more then.

Mark June 14, 20166:24 pm

From bad to…yes..wurst for Austria. Dragovic off for a second yellow after a studs-up in the box which Dowie thinks is “harsh.” He is wrong

George Young June 14, 20166:23 pm

The Crouch-like Janko is immediately replaced by Okotie.

And now a red card! Dragovic gets a second yellow in a melée which seems to end with Hinteregger scoring an equaliser but the referee had already blown for a heavy tackle by Dragovic.

Mark June 14, 20166:22 pm

A “couple of flares” let off in the Hungary end. I picture a load of wide-bottomed trousers flying through the air. Which says way more about me than anything else.

Mark June 14, 20166:20 pm

Szalai scores for the first time since Ferenc Puskas retired. Lovely build-up. Out of context. But took full advantage of Austria’s L-shaped offside trap.

George Young June 14, 20166:20 pm

A goal for Hungary! A neat move sees Szalai played in and he celebrates in the correct fashion by attempting to leap into the crowd.

In the celebration, it looks like a Hungary fan is trying to put his hat onto the pumped-up Szalai. He fails.

George Young June 14, 20166:18 pm

It won’t help seeing as their 3 most creative players are no all on the left: Fuchs, Alaba, Arnautovic. Lacking a bit of balance.

Mark June 14, 20166:16 pm

Sabitzer on for the tearful, slightly limping Junuzovic for Austria. Which means Austria will suffer creatively, apparently. Yikes!!

Mark June 14, 20166:12 pm

Much better from Suds sack there. 25 yard left-foot. “Ambitious” screams Speight. Correctly. Good save.

Mark June 14, 20166:08 pm

Did Speight just call track suit bottoms “tracky-Bs”?? And he has the nerve to berate Dowie for a “swansong” gag.” Lordy…

Ian June 14, 20166:06 pm

So, the second half is under way, and Fiola shoots low from 20 yards for Hungary, a comfortable save for Almer. Hungary a looking a little like a team who settled for a draw before kickoff.

George Young June 14, 20166:05 pm

For all you BBC4 fans, Austria’s goalkeeper looks like Svartman, the hapless policeman from Wallander.

Mark June 14, 20166:05 pm

So. Austria to get it right a least once this half, though a 0-0 still more likely than the first three-goal haul by one side…

Mark June 14, 20165:47 pm

A bit dullsville, that half, after Alaba’s post-hitting. First 0-0 looking VERY possible. Wonder what Louis Saha thinks (he lied…)

Mark June 14, 20165:45 pm

Dzudszak (who will always be “Suds sack” to me) screws Hungary’s best chance wide. Made a “sud’s sack” of it, you might say, if you lacked as much imagination as I do…

Mark June 14, 20165:43 pm

Are pedants ever happy? But, yes, that’s the way the kits SHOULD be. No reason at all why not.

Ian June 14, 20165:41 pm

If Austria were wearing white and black, Hungary could wear red, white and green, and pedants like me would be happy.

George Young June 14, 20165:41 pm

To pick up the earlier World War I theme, this game has quickly degenerated into a midfield stalemate with neither side making much progress.

Of course, that already stretched metaphor falls down as these two were on the same side but still….

Mark June 14, 20165:39 pm

I know its a common question. But who…WHO looked at Arnautovic’s hairstyle and said: “Yeah, that looks GREAT”???

Mark June 14, 20165:37 pm

Szalai heads wide from six yards for Hungary. Odd-shaped bonce to judge by that effort. No goals since ages ago. Not surprised.

George Young June 14, 20165:36 pm

Baumgartlinger translates a little along the lines of “from the tree garden” but it’s a bit forced.

There is a Small, a Fox and a “Behind the harrower” though.

Mark June 14, 20165:34 pm

(Delightfully) surprised at the lack of a Mexican wave yet. Because this is a “Mexican wave” kinda game at the minute. (Cue goal. Please).

Mark June 14, 20165:33 pm

Well, he got the figures right…

George Young June 14, 20165:32 pm

The mention of Tony Polster reminds me of my favourite story about him: before the Faroes played their first ever competitive game, Polster announced that Austria would probably score 10. They didn’t, missing their target by just 10 goals, losing 1-0.

Mark June 14, 20165:30 pm

He reminds me of Motorhead’s “Fast” Eddie Clarke (apart from the “fast” bit). And who would have thought HE would be the last surviving member of the classic Motorhead “Overkill/Bomber/Ace of Spades” line-up after the 1990s and 2000s he had?

Mark June 14, 20165:26 pm

What does “Baumgartlinger” actually mean? Doesn’t sound like a compliment…

Mark June 14, 20165:22 pm

Oles for Hungary’s spell of possession. No American sense of irony for THESE Magyars…

Mark June 14, 20165:21 pm

Apart from Austria hitting the post, which, thus far, gives it the edge on Poland/Northern Ireland. But, yes, talk of sausages often indicates a “lull” in proceedings, whatever proceedings they are…

Edward June 14, 20165:20 pm

I don’t know what I was expecting really. I think I hoped that Michael Redgrave would be doing the commentary.

Mark June 14, 20165:19 pm

I know this is the most damning of damnation by faint praise..but this Austrian side is looking like the best since Hans Krankl, 1978 et al… Yes, even better than Tony Polster’s human mogadon tablets of 1998

Edward June 14, 20165:19 pm

18 minutes played, nothing has happened. God’s sake.

Edward June 14, 20165:18 pm

Last night I dreamt that the YouTube celebrity Zoella had been involved in a terrible accident on a needlessly vertiginous train journey. It was quite harrowing. Zoella is a good sort. And that is the Official Twohundredpercent Endorsement*.

* semi-official

Edward June 14, 20165:16 pm

I would like some chicken.

Mark June 14, 20165:13 pm

Do you know what I hate most about that “Wurst” joke, George? That you beat me to it… 🙂

Ian June 14, 20165:13 pm

I have had dreams that I’ve been in both Vienna and Budapest. I’ve never been to either, so in my Vienna dream what I was actually seeing was Regent Street in London, and in the Budapest dream it was Shoreham High Street. In the Budapest dream, there was butchers shop that only sold chicken.

Edward June 14, 20165:12 pm

Gabor Kiraly, looking every single day of his 40 years, really does pull off light grey as a colour better than most.

George Young June 14, 20165:12 pm

Austrian sausages aren’t bad. I’ve certainly had wurst.

[gets coat]

Edward June 14, 20165:11 pm

If this football thing doesn’t work out, I still think twohundredpercent could be a perfectly serviceable sausage review site.

Mark June 14, 20165:10 pm

A very ITV4 commentary team. But I think Dowie was a better Norn Irn analyst than Gerry bloody Armstrong…

Edward June 14, 20165:10 pm

Austria and Hungary are two countries where I just know a man like me could get himself some delicious sausages. I think I would prefer the Hungarian sausages, because I’m a bugger for the spice. However, I am sure Austrian sausages are delicious.

I love sausages.

Edward June 14, 20165:08 pm

That photograph makes me want to eat cocktail sausages.

Ian June 14, 20165:07 pm

For example:

Edward June 14, 20165:07 pm

Austria wearing red as their first choice colours: I’ll never fully reconcile myself to it. I know, the flag, I know, I know…

George Young June 14, 20165:05 pm

Alaba slaps a shot against the post after 31 seconds, Kiraly still putting on his pyjamas.

Ian June 14, 20165:02 pm

I’m thinking of mixing it up a bit for tonight’s Portugal vs Iceland match, and doing the live blog through the medium of internet memes.

George Young June 14, 20165:01 pm

The Austrians are genuinely excited about their team’s chances. With a certain amount of good reason, finishing 10 points ahead of Sweden at the top of their qualifying group.

Of course, if David Alaba keeps indulging in this sort of slap-stick, then they won’t get very far at all.

Ian June 14, 20165:00 pm

Old Franz Joseph is looking a bit like me, there. (In other words, I really, desperately need a shave)

Mark June 14, 20164:59 pm

England Wales? Rivalry? Pah! This is the BIG one.

Edward June 14, 20164:58 pm

While we get down to the national anthems, here is a photograph of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Ian June 14, 20164:58 pm

I really didn’t want to go down the route of wars and all that jazz, but so limited has my time been today that I didn’t really have any choice. So, good afternoon everybody. I’m quite looking forward to this one, as it goes.

Edward June 14, 20164:52 pm

Open wide for some soccer! It’s the most European of fixtures, Austria v Hungary. This one is for all the sideburns. The match in Bordeaux kicks off in just under ten minutes, but never mind, it gives you a chance to peruse the teams.

AUSTRIA Almer, Klein, Dragovic, Hinteregger, Fuchs, Alaba, Baumgartlinger, Harnik, Junuzovic, Arnautovic, Janko.

HUNGARY Kiraly, Flora, Guzmics, Lang, Kadar, Gera, Nemeth, Nagy, Kleinheisler, Dzsudzsak, Szalai.

Yes, that IS Zoltan Gera, the former West Bromwich Albion player is still rumbling on. However, he is a mere spring chicken compared with Gabor Kiraly, who at 40 becomes the oldest player ever to appear at a European Championship finals. In the Austria line up, much is expected from Marc Janko, the prolific Basel striker who is in the form of his life.