The finals of major football tournaments bring out the obsessive in many football supporters. Grown men can be seen in the queues in newsagents buying Panini stickers for sons and nephews that don’t exist, while it is entirely possible that the only wallpapering that will be done throughout the tournament will be of posters on walls, lovingly filled in by the hands of those that perhaps should be old enough to know better. In the twenty-first century, though, many of us will be spending much of our time during the tournament at the screen of a PC, a laptop or a tablet, and such manual updating is unfeasible. With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome Dave Boyle’s interactive spreadsheet to 200% for this summer’s jamboree. Here’s Dave to explain it to you himself:

So, after not being bothered last time due to fatherhood and England not being there, I’ve done a Euro 2012 spreadsheet to record results, predict pathways and work out who might win, to fill those spare hours before the tournament starts.

I say retro because the future is apps etc, but I’m a geek, not a proper programmer, so we can ditch that notion. You can use the sheet entitled ‘Customise’ to customise (clever, eh?) the time zone in which you are, which then puts the right kick off times in! And, if you’re a sweepstakes organiser, you can add in the names of the people who have drawn a certain team, so you can have them shown instead of, or at the same time as, the country name. Take that, smartphone app developers!

There are two versions of the spreadsheet, for use with different versions of Excel – the more recent version is here, whilst a version that will be compatible with older versions of Excel available here. If you wish to say thanks to Dave for going to the trouble to produce this for us, you can click on the pint glass on the spreadsheet to buy him a pint. It seems to us like a tiny price to pay for such a valuable resource!

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