It’s time, then, for our weekly round-up of charities related to football that you can get involved in or donate to. If you have a charitable venture that you would like to see featured on Twohundredpercent, feel free to drop us a line (Tuesday or Wednesday is the best day to do this, lest your email get lost in a pile of other messages that we receive) and we will make sure to include you.

The Adam Stansfield Foundation: The death of Adam Stansfield from bowel cancer last year affected many people, not least of whom were the supporters of the clubs that he played for, including Exeter City, Yeovil Town and Hereford United. Set up in his memory after his death, The Adam Stansfield Foundation is seeking to keep Adam’s memory alive through promoting awareness of bowel cancer as well as the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of children and young people up to the age of sixteenresiding in Devon, Herefordshire and Somerset by the provision of grants and facilities for playing football.

In March of this year, a group of supporters set off on the Around The Grounds journey, visiting all ninety-two football league clubs in just eighty hours. They were able to secure some mementos from this journey, which they are auctioning off at an auction to be held on the 23rd of July, with all money going to the Foundation as well as the Free Kicks Foundation. Tickets for the evening are priced at just £5.00 each, and you can get further details of how to get tickets from this Facebook page. The evening will also feature guest speakers to talk about Adam’s life, the Foundation and to regale you with tales from their trip around the country. Further details about the Adam Stansfield Foundation are available here.

Challenge 42: Challenge 42 is an attempt to break a Guinness word record through playing the longest five-a-side football match in the history of the game. The match is due to kick off at 6pm on Friday the 29th of July and is expected to end at some time around midday on Sunday the 31st of July. It is being played between supporters of Reading – the CMV Royals – and – Huddersfield Town – The Free Kicks Posh (we understand that the Peterborough team is still looking for players at the time of writing), with money going to the Free Kicks Foundation and the CMV Support Foundation, which works to raise awareness and raise money to the research of Congenital Cytomegalovirus, a virus which is passed from mother to baby during pregnancy. There is no specific treatment for congenital CMV, though varying treatments, such as physical therapy and appropriate education for children with psychomotor retardation, focus on specific problems relating to the illness.

There can be little question of the punishment that the players of these two teams will be putting themselves through for this particular good cause. Over the course of the weekend, each player will play for around thirty hours, and it is anticipated that they will burn 15,000 calories and run between fifty-six and seventy miles in the process. They, we feel, deserve your support for putting themselves through this, and you can find out how you can help by visiting the Challenge 42 website, whilst you can find out more about CMV Support and the work that they do by clicking here. It should go without saying that we wish all of those taking part the very best of luck for this marathon match!

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