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The 200% World Cup: Colombia vs Uruguay, LIVE!!!

So, both Uruguay and Colombia are at full strength for this evening’s Second Round match between Uruguay and Colombia. Who knows? Perhaps Luis Suarez is in the crowd wearing a Luis Suarez mask. It’s time to get ready for a little SOCCER. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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The 200% World Cup: Tales Of An ABE

There is usually no moral dilemma for a fan of “anyone but England” (ABE) approaching a major international football tournament – or, for that matter, any England game. And the pathological ABEs will never have such a dilemma.  As “Britain’s best sporting comic” Andy Zaltzman noted in an Independent newspaper World Cup preview which I will never tire of nicking quotes from citing (“A Neutral’s guide to the World Cup”), there are few nations “with no long-standing historic grudge against the English relating to history, empire, being located on the same land mass, some iffy refereeing decisions in battles...

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The 200% World Cup: Brazil vs Chile – Live!

Good afternoon, sports fans! Hope you had a nice day off. This afternoon we kick off the knockout stages of the competition with one of the most eagerly anticipated ties of the entire round, as Brazil play Chile in Belo Horizonte. Now, Brazil haven’t been especially thrilling so far but they seemed to have found a little more rhythm in their last match against Cameroon. Can they overcome their apparent over-reliance on the magnificent Neymar? We shall see. On the other hand, Chile were magnificent in their group matches. This, however, is the ultimate test of their credibility. Join...

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