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A Unanimous Recommendation To Reject: The FA On “Hull Tigers”

In the interests of strict accuracy, it should be pointed that this is not completely a done deal, just yet. It may well have been that the Football Association confirmed this afternoon that their Membership Committee have made a unanimous recommendation to the FA Council to reject Hull City AFC’s proposed to the name of “Hull Tigers.” It may well be that the FA Council could go against the advice of the Membership Committee and vote to allow it, instead. It may well be that the Allems, who haven’t always shown the utmost tact and dignity in their previous public utterances on the matter, choose to go for one further exercise in throwing their toys out of the pram and try to cover their face by acting even more ridiculously over this whole matter than they have already managed. None of these outcomes are completely beyond the realms of possibility, of course, but there can be little question that the announcement – which started as a leak this morning but had escalated to being an official statement on the FA’s website by the middle of the afternoon – that the FA’s Membership Committee were unanimously recommendating rejection of this name change is a major boost to those that have worked so hard for the City Til We Die campaign, whose submission to the Football Association was a controlled, professional...

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Introducing… Unofficial, Unaffiliated Premier League Bingo!

Now, we’ve all done it – slumped down in front of the television or a laptop, wondering what on earth we can do to brighten up the prospect of a live match that we have no particular interest apart from the somewhat ghoulish hope that somebody might hold up a piece of card that says something particularly ridiculous, punch a referee, say something a bit racist and start a fight or otherwise unliven what may, even in The Greatest League In The World™, be an uneventful encounter. Or perhaps you’re just hanging around on Twitter, waiting for someone to...

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