As promised, the motherlode of the Baker & Kely collection have now been re-uploaded – instructions on how to get hold of them are here. The folder is just over 1gb, so make sure you have plenty of space before you embark on that little project. Also, the next project for the summer will be to re-upload all the football music that was once on this site and has disappeared. This will be done over the next few weeks or so and a new page will be added to the top of the site when this has been completed.

In other news, this site has been nominated for EPL Talk’s end of season awards. I’m not, as a rule, a massive fan of these popularity contests, but complaining about it seems pretty churlish as well, so, should you wish to vote for us, then feel free. I will be very flattered all the same. I’m not going to be cleaning out a space on the mantlepiece in anticipation, though. There will be more on here later, on the subject of the somewhat undignified scramble to avoid relegation to the Championship.