Now seems like as appropriate moment as any to do this, so I might as well do it now. As most of you are probably aware, the Baker & Kelly podcasts of the last few weeks have come to a shuddering halt with this announcement on their website. I do have an opinion on this (perhaps unsurprisingly), and I’ll be putting up a link to that later on, although I’m not posting it on here because it’s not strictly football-related. In the meanwhile, I’ll put this up, so that you can access all the vintage Baker & Kelly that you need. These are the filenames for the folder that all of the MP3s of their shows are in (there are about five still to be uploaded – I’ll get onto that in the new year). You can’t click on these (it’s just a screen-grab), but it you type:

And then type the last bit on the end of it – so that, for example, the top one reads:

And, hey presto! More Baker & Kelly than you can shake a stick at.

Edit: Okay, my thoughts on the subject can be seen here, should you be interested.