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Rangers & Their Influential 10% Shareholder

After their recent defeat by the Romanian champions Unirea Urziceni, Walter Smith let slip that Lloyds Bank were running Rangers. Mark Murphy has been looking at the figures and is starting to think that, financially speaking, they may be stuck between a rock and a half place.

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Liverpool Apply A United Shaped Sticking Plaster

Liverpool might well have been very convincing in beating Manchester United on Sunday, but Mark Murphy is less than convinced that this result says very much about the medium to long-term stability of a club that may have become very dependant on perpetual Champions League money.

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The Football League Fails The Fit & Proper Test

The Football League’s confirmation that Notts County’s new owners are “fit & proper” appears to be a cause for celebration for the club, but Mark Murphy is wondering exactly why this should be when, to be quite frank, no-one is any the wiser as to who these owners actually are.

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