Long time readers may or may not be aware that Twohundredpercent has been open for almost three years, now. However, over the last few weeks the comments made on this site (which have, by and large, been approved regardless of what they say) have started to affect me to an extent that I am considering closing up for good – as you may have noticed, the number of posts on here has decreased over the last few weeks or so.

While I make a decision over whether to do this or not, the site will remain open and I will continue to post. In the mean time, I would ask you to think about what you say before you post in the comments. This site does not run at a profit (I pay the hosting costs myself on a monthly basis), and I am struggling to think of justifiable reasons why I should keep it open when every other comment seems to be saying little more than what a cunt I am. Going forward, I will be moderating posts on here in a more heavy-handed fashion. I will decide what is posted on here – if you don’t like it you can, with all due respect, fuck off. There are plenty of other football sites out there.

The alternative is for me to close comments on here altogether, which is something that I had really hoped to avoid. I value constructive input and have often apologised for errors that I have made in my posts and corrected them accordingly. At this stage, however, writing this is starting to feel like a chore and I promised myself that the moment it started to feel like that, I would reconsider whether it is worth the time (approximately two hours every single day) and effort.