Inside The Mindset Of The Premier League

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Manchester City may be at the beginning of embarking upon a financial crisis that has never before been seen in English football, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not full of imaginative ideas for the future of the game. City’s “Executive Chairman” (yes, I know, I don’t know what an “Executive Chairman” is either) Gary Cook has come up with a plan that will “basically share the wealth”. In an amazingly wrong-headed interview with The Times, Cook proposes a closed shop, fourteen...

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Weekend Break

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I’m having a night off tonight. This is all in preparation for a very exciting weekend of football. It’s a Conference South special weekend, and I’ll be taking in St Albans City vs Chelmsford City tomorrow afternoon, followed by AFC Wimbledon’s match against Bromley on Bank Holiday Monday. Exciting times! Edit: By the way, if anyone has any handy hints regarding how to get to Norbiton from Clapham Junction (and back), considering that the direct trains aren’t (by the looks of things) running, I would be delighted...

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Match Of The (Mid)Week: England 2-2 Czech Republic

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Friendly internationals, we are told, are not about the result. They’re about the performance, and about preparing the team for competitive matches to come. What, then, are we to make of a match when more or less the only thing to come from a friendly match that can so much as remotely be regarded as positive is the result? What are we to make of a match in which even the result isn’t that positive and comes about thanks to a goal that wouldn’t have looked out of place in “The Keystone Kops Go Sokker”?...

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Merthyr Most Foul

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Football club implosions can take several different forms, to the point that it is is probably fair to say that there is no one route to insolvency. Sometimes, mere spending beyond one’s means for a season is enough to have grim long-term ramifications, as happened to Bradford City, who are still paying the price for former chairman Geoffrey Richards and his “six weeks of madness” a decade ago. Sometimes, it’s trying to live in the fast lane and propping up the shortfall with more and more unsustainable (and...

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Do We Really Care? I Mean, Really?

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Oh, to spend a day living inside Fabio Capello’s head. The presumption had been that he would wait until after the friendly match tomorrow night against the Czech Republic at Wembley, but it now seems as if he just couldn’t control himself, and the announcement has been made. The England captain for the next two years will be… John Terry. You’ll have to pardon me if I’m unable to raise too much excitement over the announcement. After all, it’s hardly as if the squad is over-flowing with candidates that...

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Football’s Favourite Basket Cases

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Plus ca change. In June 2007, we expressed our concerns over the new ownership taking over at Manchester City. “The military government in Thailand have already tried to seize all of his assets once”, we said. “I can imagine more stable financial backgrounds that he could have come from”, we said. Did anyone listen? Do they ever? The first danger signs came with the sudden sacking of Sven Goran Eriksson at the end of last season. Eriksson had taken City to ninth place in the Premier League last season, a reasonable...

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