Match Of The Week: Lewes 1-1 Kingstonian

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It has been a difficult week for those running Lewes Football Club. The arrival of former manager Steve King back at The Dripping Pan raised an eyebrow or two when he returned to the club during the summer, but the owners of the club have – rightly – remained tight-lipped over what King may or may not have been up to and, although there are any number of theories floating around this ground as to why he should have found himself at home this afternoon, no official announcement has been made and Simon Wormull takes his place in the...

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Rifts & Distrust Threaten To Kill Darlington For Good

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It is very much a sign of the times that £50,000 is not a great deal of money to a football club in trouble playing in the fifth division of the English league system these days. An ongoing debate over the eventual destination of precisely this amount of money, however, seems to be throwing a spanner into the works of an attempt to rescue Darlington Football Club this weekend, and this isn’t the only area into which it could be regarded as having a malign influence. What does or doesn’t happen to this money might yet come to...

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Blackburn Rovers: When Owners Turn Chicken

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One emerging problem with the “benefactor model” of club ownership is “what happens next?” Blackburn Rovers have struggled with this problem since their 1990s benefactor, steel magnate Jack Walker, died in 2000. And current owners Venky’s are not, yet anyway, the solution. Walker, who famously took Rovers to/bought the 1995 Premier League title, made some post-benefactor plans, forming the “Jack Walker Settlement” (JWS), a trust based in the Jersey tax haven, where he lived from 1974, when his riches attracted taxes which the great benefactor...

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Spurs Supporters Dare To Dream

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At White Hart Lane last night, Tottenham Hotspur beat Everton by two goals to nil. There was nothing particularly unusual about this result – apart from the fact that Spurs have occasionally struggled to break Everton down in recent years – but this was a result that may just prove to be one of the most important of manager Harry Redknapp’s season. It left the Premier League table with a look that it hasn’t had for a considerable amount of time. Spurs, having now caught up with the games in hand that they have had for...

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Mixed Signals & Bad News From Darlington

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There may only be a couple of days left to go. Darlington FC continue to stare into the abyss and the comments of the club’s joint administrator, Harvey Madden, in an interview with BBC Radio Tees this evening will have offered no comfort to those of the opinion that it is now only a matter of time before this football club folds after one hundred and twenty-nine years. In the interview, Madden stated that there have been several parties interested in the club, but that all of those that have approached him have confirmed that they have...

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Sky Blues & Grey Clouds – The Decline Of Coventry City

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Matches in the Third Round of The FA Cup frequently draw attendances that are lower than they would be otherwise. The simple fact that tickets are not usually provided as part of annual season tickets combined with the possibility of people feeling the pinch in the weeks after Christmas is usually enough to keep many away. At one of the weekends matches, however, there was more to the paucity of the crowd present than met the eye. Coventry City have had a disastrous season so far, rooted to the bottom of the Championship table and with...

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