What Today At Darlington Tells Us About Lower Division Football

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At the exact time of writing (almost one thirty in the afternoon), we do not know whether Darlington FC has been rescued or not. What we can say for certain is that a situation that may have seen the club die at one minute to midday has been extended and that further negotiations are now taking place and that a decision is due imminently over whether the club can be saved in its current form or not. There has been talk of last minute telephone calls from abroad, pleas for money from the supporters trust which may this time have been agreed to...

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Westley & Ridsdale: Together At Preston

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One advantage of Peter Ridsdale and Graham Westley being together as chairman and manager respectively of Preston North End is that they may only end up annoying each other and messing around with only one club. I recognise that will not have brightened the day of any Lilywhites fans. And I can only apologise. There aren’t many football clubs who deserve those two, and certainly not a club steeped in history such as North End. I am prepared to give Westley the benefit of some doubt. It is fifteen years since he undertook his first...

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High Noon For Darlington

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At the end of yesterday, Darlington FC remained alive albeit on life support. Today, however, stories started to emerge which threaten to fragment an increasingly fractious fan-base as the matter of this club’s survival draws closer and closer to its denouement.  There have been words of encouragement and support funds and fury from many supporters that a situation such as this should be allowed to happen to the same club yet again but, at the time of writing, we are still nowhere near knowing whether the club will saved or, if it will,...

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DC United: But For How Long?

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Stadiums function a great deal like shoes. Wear a pair for too long and the shoelaces begin to fray, the outer sole wears thin, and the inner sole starts to emit a smell generally acceptable at the bottom of a rubbish bin. Change them out for new shoes that fit too snug, and walking around becomes a right pain in the heel with ingrown toenails forming from the compression. Pick out a pair too large and you find yourself wobbly on the feet, liable to trip over at any attempt to move forward with your feet swimming within the vast space and...

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Truro vs The Taxman: A Happy Ending?

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Shortly before 12.30pm today @TruroCityTweet declared ‘ALL CLEAR FOR CITY -TAX BILL PAID IN FULL’ (their capitals not mine but worthy of shouting nonetheless) and it seemed in light of the current cloud of doom hanging over parts of non-league that the sun has broken through over Cornwall at least. That Truro, subject of a winding up order way back in September, have found the money to pay HMRC in full (and it is rumoured this was a fair wedge, a six-figure sum and certainly not the amount you find knocking about down the back of...

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For How Much Longer Can Kettering Town Continue Like This?

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While Darlington have grabbed most of the recent headlines in the race to the financial bottom that the bottom of the Blue Square Premier seems to consist of this season, Kettering Town remains in a critical condition itself.  On Saturday, their home match against Forest Green Rovers was called off at lunchtime, which is unlikely to have done the stricken clubs bank account a great deal of good, and this morning the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, a local newspaper which has been criticised by some supporters as being too ready in the...

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