The 2012 African Cup Of Nations: A Preview

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The African Cup of Nations’ effect on Arsenal sums up the slightly oddball line-up for this year’s tournament. That Alexandre Song could line out against Swansea was a huge boost (at least until his somewhat floundering performance on the day). That Marouane Chamakh could not was… well… a huge boost too. Cameroon’s absence from the ACN finals seems the biggest surprise, with our focus, disappointingly but understandably, on which Premier League players would be missing for the next few weeks. Nigeria’s absence is a surprise too, though more...

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Does The Premier League Now Wish To Join The Football League?

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It took barely three weeks for the blue sky thinking to start again in 2012, but this time the idea came from one of the more unlikely of available sources. In an interview with The Guardian, Andres Villa Boas has stated an opinion that Chelsea should be allowed to field a ‘B’ team in the Championship. In some respects, he is merely verbalising what the vast majority of us already hold to be a truth in any case - that the Premier League doesn’t give damn for anything other than itself - but this doesn’t mean that we...

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Tales From The Deep End: Non-League Football’s Difficult Start To 2012

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This year has been a difficult year so far for several of our non-league clubs. Mike Bayly has a round-up of what has been going on at the foot of football’s food chain.  By any measure of austerity, it’s been a fairly turbulent week in the world of non-league football. On Sunday evening, the main stand at Rossendale United’s vacant Dark Lane ground was completely destroyed in what police are treating as a suspected arson attack. The fire was just one in a long line of depressing incidents at the ground over the last couple of years. In...

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The FA Cup Third Round: Wrexham 1-1 Brighton & Hove Albion (4-5 Pens)

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There is, perhaps, little surprising in the fact that the most confusing tie of the Third Round of the FA Cup should involve Wrexham. The Blue Square Premier club – the last non-league club still involved in this year’s competition – have had possibly the most convoluted twelve months of any side in the entire English league system, and this extended into the arrangements for this match against Brighton & Hove Albion, following their 1-1 draw at The American Express Community Stadium a week and a half ago. Contradictory...

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When The Clock Struck Thirteen: Darlington FC Goes To The Wire

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. There can be few other sets of football supporters that have had to bear up to the sort of agony and exhilaration that the supporters of Darlington FC have had to put up with yesterday but eventually, more than an hour after final confirmation one way or the other of the clubs fate was due to be announced, those concerned with saving the club emerged before the press to make the announcement that so many had hoped for: Darlington Football Club remains alive – for now, at least. There...

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What Today At Darlington Tells Us About Lower Division Football

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At the exact time of writing (almost one thirty in the afternoon), we do not know whether Darlington FC has been rescued or not. What we can say for certain is that a situation that may have seen the club die at one minute to midday has been extended and that further negotiations are now taking place and that a decision is due imminently over whether the club can be saved in its current form or not. There has been talk of last minute telephone calls from abroad, pleas for money from the supporters trust which may this time have been agreed to...

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