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Bank Holiday Tuesday – Portrait Of A Foul

By on Dec 28, 2011 in Art, Latest, Non-League | 0 comments

Imagine if you will being born. A comfortable float around a womb that you are quickly starting to outgrow. It has to end. Something’s got to give. Then the pushing and the seepage and the screaming and hey presto, pro-lifers everywhere pat themselves on the back, someone done a baby. As a life event, it is perhaps the most dangerous, perilous and traumatic...

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Only two teams in Worthing

By on Oct 17, 2008 in Non-League | 0 comments

As was touched upon here recently, Sussex is a county with a well-established and extensive non-league football structure. However, it’s not something I was aware of at all until 1995, when I moved to West Sussex. Having grown up just outside Brighton, Brighton and Hove Albion were very much the only team on my radar, so discovering this extraordinarily deep...

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