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91 Years Of Football Through 7 Players: From Leeds United, 1920 to West Ham, 2011

An article on the front page of the When Saturday Comes website bemoaned the airbrushing from history of anything from before the beginning of the Premier League, but the time-line of football is considerably more textured than this. With this is mind (and from a post on the WSC forum, which is probably the best…

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February 9, 2011

Match Of The Midweek 2: Liverpool 0-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

There comes, perhaps, a point when there can be no further glossing over of it all. Upon the full-time whistle at Anfield this evening, Roy Hodgson looked defeated, and not just in terms of this particular football match. He was carrying the gaunt expression of a man that is surely now only living on borrowed…

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December 30, 2010

Match Of The Week: Wigan Athletic 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers

During their season in the third tier during the late 1990s, Manchester City supporters had a song that summed up their feeling of disbelief at the turn for the worse that their club’s fortunes had taken: “We’re Not Really Here”. This lunchtime, Wigan Athletic have taken this to its logical conclusion by being not actually…

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October 2, 2010

Match Of The Week: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Newcastle United

Of all the cod-psychological theories that envelop the Premier League, the theory of Second Season Syndrome is one of those that has the most meat on it. It runs something like this. Upon their elevation to the Premier League, many newly-promoted clubs will have enough momentum that sees them pick up enough points to guarantee…

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August 30, 2010

The Premier League Previews 2010/11, Part 20: Wolverhampton Wanderers – Age Before Beauty?

For a team that won three league titles in the 1950s, and has four FA Cup wins to it’s name, last season was as good as it’s been for a whole generation of Wolverhampton Wanderers fans, seeing as it will be 29 years since the club last embarked on consecutive seasons in the top flight….

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August 14, 2010

Football’s Latest Pointless Rule: The 25-Man Squad List

Arsene Wenger is today being quoted as stating that the new Premier League rule reducing squad sizes to 25, as being “a disastrous decision for football and for the players”. When the rule was introduced, the rules stating that Premier League clubs had to have a “Squad List” of just 25, with eight of these…

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July 31, 2010

How Mick McCarthy Let Wolves Down

Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Mick McCarthy may be claiming some sort of moral victory as the result of only losing 3-0 to Manchester United last night, but he appears not to have taken the supporters that travelled to Old Trafford into account.

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December 16, 2009
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