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Weymouth Football Club Read The Last Rites

By on Nov 13, 2009 in Finance, Latest, Non-League | 7 comments

Weymouth Football Club, one of the ongoing financial basket-cases of the last three years in non-league football, might have finally reached the end of the line. Reports on the BBC this morning confirmed that, with talks with new buyers having collapsed, the club’s administrators are planning to wind the club up this morning. It will be the first folding of...

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Trouble Brewing At The Wessex Stadium, Yet Again

By on Oct 16, 2009 in Finance, Non-League | 5 comments

In his 2006 book “Floodlit Dreams”, writer Ian Ridley brilliantly summed up the small town politics that drive the running of so many football clubs. He had taken the chairmanship at Weymouth Football Club with big ambitions, but a combination of under-achievement on the pitch, vultures circling overhead and internal squabbling saw him eventually removed...

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Wringing The Weymouth Business Community Dry

By on May 1, 2009 in Finance | 0 comments

One of the most curious aspects of the ongoing crises at Weymouth Football Club over the last couple of years has been that every time the club has got into trouble, someone has called on “local businessmen” to bail the club out. This line was trotted out again this week by their new incumbent chairman Ian Ridley after The Terras slid out of the Blue...

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Weymouth & Walter Mitty

By on Mar 19, 2009 in Finance, Latest, Non-League | 0 comments

Some of you will be familiar with a short story called “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”. Written by James Thurber shortly before the start of World War II, it is the story of a downtrodden, middle-aged man who escapes from the drudgery of his life by escaping into the fantasy world of his imagination. The story was catapulted into being one of the most...

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Match Of The Week: Weymouth 0-9 Rushden & Diamonds

By on Feb 23, 2009 in Finance, Non-League | 4 comments

“This was not a football match”, wrote The Non-League Paper’s Chris Dunlavy this morning, “this was a snuff movie”, and never have truer words been spoken. Weymouth Football Club, battered and broken, were forced to field a youth team for their home BSP match against Rushden & Diamonds yesterday, and it was a foregone conclusion...

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