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Match Of The Week: England 2-1 Ukraine 1

Match Of The Week: England 2-1 Ukraine

A bullet dodged and a banana skin avoided, then. England took a big step towards qualifying for the finals of the 2010 World Cup last night, but their performance raised as many questions as...

Forza! 0


Italy 3-0 Ukraine In the midst of three closely match quarter-finals, this one always seemed likely to be the one that was slightly more lop-sided than the rest. Ukraine, with the best will in...

Christ. 5


Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine I’m really struggling to come up with the words to describe this shambles. I’ll try again in the morning.

Siesta Time 1

Siesta Time

Ukraine 1-0 Tunisia / Spain 1-0 Saudi Arabia After all the excitement of last night, it was back to the dull and the ordinary this afternoon. Spain decided to field their entire reserve team...

Sangria & Sangria 0

Sangria & Sangria

Spain 4-0 Ukraine Spain. The perennial under-achievers. For years and years, they have flattered to decieve. Often packed with as many start players as the other top nations, they alone have been consistent in...