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Pay Through The Nose Per View

By on Oct 9, 2009 in International Football, Latest | 6 comments

If you read our post on the subject earlier on in the week, you may have noted that the price of watching this weekend’s World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and England was listed as £4.99. As hopes of a last minute highlights package fade fast with rights holders Kentaro stating that they feel that the coverage should be “all about the internet”,...

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Football On The Internet… But Nowhere Else?

By on Oct 5, 2009 in International Football, Latest | 7 comments

Next weekend sees a big test in the ongoing debate over whether people will pay for premium content on the internet, when the World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and England in Dnipropetrovsk next Saturday. The match is due to be shown in the UK live over the internet only following the collapse of Setanta during the summer. The late television channel had been due...

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Match Of The Week: England 2-1 Ukraine

By on Apr 2, 2009 in Latest | 1 comment

A bullet dodged and a banana skin avoided, then. England took a big step towards qualifying for the finals of the 2010 World Cup last night, but their performance raised as many questions as it answered, and Ukraine will fly home feeling a little hard done by at a final score that didn’t fully reflect their contribution towards proceedings. England, not a team...

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By on Jul 1, 2006 in History, Latest | 0 comments

Italy 3-0 Ukraine In the midst of three closely match quarter-finals, this one always seemed likely to be the one that was slightly more lop-sided than the rest. Ukraine, with the best will in the world, had looked rather like Shevchenko plus ten, and that’s not enough to beat a team like Italy. From the kick-off, the Ukrainians came out fighting (a welcome...

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