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The Twohundredpercent Play-Off Jamboree: Stevenage 1-0 Torquay United

By on May 28, 2011 in English League Football, Latest | 3 comments

Somebody hasn’t been smiling on the football authorities at the end of this season. The one year that the play-offs have to be moved from London to Manchester – and this, for the record is not a comment on whether the current volume of matches that are being played at Wembley is anything like a good thing – ends up being the year in which the...

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Hereford & Torquay: Inconsistent Punishments For The Same Crime

By on Apr 6, 2011 in English League Football, Latest | 5 comments

I’m not generally a fan of points deductions, as they are the one punishment guaranteed to punish the club as an entity (as well as the players and fans), without really punishing the people responsible for the transgression in the first place. However, most of the points deductions in recent times have been off the field transgressions. Administration is an off the...

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FA Cup Match Of The Week: Torquay United 0-1 Crawley Town

By on Jan 29, 2011 in English League Football, Latest, Non-League | 16 comments

When a non-league club gets as far as the Fourth Round of the FA Cup, the goodwill shown by supporters of other clubs often transcends league and occasionally even local rivalries. Not so this year. Crawley Town have an excellent chance of making the Fifth Round of the competition, but there is at best a feeling of ambivalence surrounding this FA Cup run. This,...

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Devon Is A Place On Earth

By on Nov 20, 2007 in English League Football, Non-League | 1 comment

It’s the night of the FA Cup First Round Replays tonight, and at the precise time of writing, all is going to plan. Brighton have scored against Cheltenham Town, and Hereford are winning at Leeds. That chicken I slaughtered didn’t die in vain. As some of you may recall, the BBC’s live televised match was between Torquay United and Yeovil Town...

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