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100 Owners: Number 93 – Bill Hiddelston (Third Lanark)

By on Jun 23, 2012 in History, Latest, Scottish Football | 1 comment

There is a curious paradox at the heart of the dynamic of a football club which always seems likely to attract a certain type of undesirable to the game. In terms of their financial position, most clubs live a hand to mouth existence, but many sit on one asset which has considerable value – their home ground. Because football in Britain developed in tandem...

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Say Hi-Hi To Your Mom

By on Jul 26, 2006 in History, Latest, Scottish Football | 5 comments

I thought I’d continue with my Caledonian theme, what with the Scottish League starting this weekend and everything. The plight of East Stirlingshire to follow tomorrow (or maybe later tonight), but tonight I’d thought I’d focus on Glasgow’s long-forgotten “third” club (and I say this in full knowledge of the existence of Partick...

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