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England vs Switzerland

By on Feb 6, 2008 in Latest | 22 comments

Well, Heidi hi everyone! If you think that’s a bad opening, well, things are going to get much worse for all of you before they get any better. I’ve spent much of the afternoon mentally composing tabloid headlines for tomorrow’s papers. On the positive side, there’s “Swiss Rolled” and “Berne Baby Berne”, whilst on the...

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High On A Hill Was A Lonely Goatherd

By on Oct 16, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

Whilst the rest of Europe is busily going about the business of tying to qualify for next year’s European Championship finals, the two host nations are making their preparations for the finals next summer. Whilst Switzerland appear to be making decent progress, though, Austria are struggling to find any sort of rhythm and are in danger of becoming that rarest...

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TOGO TOGO TOGO (part three)

By on Jun 24, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 5 comments

France 2-0 Togo / Switzerland 2-0 South Korea Have rumours of the France’s demise been exaggerated? Well, the media have been cruel to them this week, but it hasn’t been entirely without reason. France had been poor, going into this evening’s match against Togo, and this was borne out still further by the fact that it still took them an hour to...

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TOGO TOGO TOGO (part two)

By on Jun 19, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 0 comments

Switzerland 2-0 Togo Ah well, we could dream, couldn’t we? A team that contrived to have it’s coach resign three days before it’s first match, only for him to be reinstated the night before. If that wasn’t enough, they then threatened to not play against the Swiss on account of the fact that they still hadn’t been paid their bonus for...

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