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Euro 2008 – Group A 0

Euro 2008 – Group A

It’s that time again. The closing date for the squad lists to be submitted to UEFA for Euro 2008 is the 28th of May, but we already know enough about who will be there...

England vs Switzerland 22

England vs Switzerland

Well, Heidi hi everyone! If you think that’s a bad opening, well, things are going to get much worse for all of you before they get any better. I’ve spent much of the afternoon...

High On A Hill Was A Lonely Goatherd 0

High On A Hill Was A Lonely Goatherd

Whilst the rest of Europe is busily going about the business of tying to qualify for next year’s European Championship finals, the two host nations are making their preparations for the finals next summer....

Christ. 5


Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine I’m really struggling to come up with the words to describe this shambles. I’ll try again in the morning.

TOGO TOGO TOGO (part three) 5

TOGO TOGO TOGO (part three)

France 2-0 Togo / Switzerland 2-0 South Korea Have rumours of the France’s demise been exaggerated? Well, the media have been cruel to them this week, but it hasn’t been entirely without reason. France...

TOGO TOGO TOGO (part two) 0

TOGO TOGO TOGO (part two)

Switzerland 2-0 Togo Ah well, we could dream, couldn’t we? A team that contrived to have it’s coach resign three days before it’s first match, only for him to be reinstated the night before....

Diabolique! 0


France 0-0 Switzerland Okay. Forget what I said about “Old Europe” down there. Just forget it. At least, forget it about it so far as France are concerned. They were wretched this evening, as...