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Town & Out – The Endgame

By on Dec 7, 2007 in English League Football, Finance | 2 comments

We’ve covered the ongoing collapse at Swindon Town on here before, haven’t we? I just had a quick look through the posts and couldn’t spot it by title, but I will have another look later on this morning. For those of you that aren’t aware of what has been going on, it would appear that the days of Swindon Town are numbered – take over...

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Town In The Doldrums

By on Oct 9, 2007 in English League Football, Finance | 3 comments

It will probably warrant a mere footnote in most of the newspapers should the worst happen, but it would appear that Swindon Town are closer to extinction than we had at first suspected. The local newspaper in the area this morning reported that any take-over of the club might cost as much £18m – a considerable amount of money for a club in the lower divisions...

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