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Stockport County: Walking A Tightrope

Stockport County: Walking A Tightrope

There comes a point in football at which even the most precipitous falls start to slow and reverse themselves, and there has been no other club in England in recent years that has spiralled in a downward direction as dramatically as Stockport County Football Club. Twleve years ago, the club was playing its football in…

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January 7, 2014

Stockport County’s Critical Run-In

Saturday afternoon’s match against Cambridge United could be classified as a missed opportunity for Blue Square Premier club Stockport County. A crowd of 5,957 turned out at Edgeley Park to see the team beaten by a single goal, with the crowd swollen well above its usual levels by a reduced ticket price offer of just…

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March 13, 2012

Stockport County Take-Over Stalls Over A Lack Of Detail

Stockport County entertain Grimsby Town at Edgeley Park in the Blue Square Premier on Saturday in a match which hints at the extent to which the fortunes of clubs can wax and wane over a period of time. Ten years ago, both clubs were in what we now know as the Championship. They start this…

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September 13, 2011

The Vaughan Effect & Stockport County

It’s starting to become known as The Vaughan Effect, and it’s a very modern phenomenon. Whenever any mention is made of the slightest possibility the involvement of either of the Stephen Vaughans getting involved in a football club, there is a reflex reaction from the supporters of the club concerned and from various social media…

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July 12, 2011

The Further Adventures Of Stockport County

Stockport County director Lord Peter Snape declared in March 2009, one month before the club entered administration, that he wanted “Stockport County Trust to vote to relinquish ownership of the club,” because if it “had been run properly we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Snape now knows it wasn’t as easy as it looked; and…

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July 9, 2011
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