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A Chequered week for Burscough FC

In the past ten days Burscough Football Club have seen their chairman and secretary sacked, a groundshare with their rivals announced and seen their Supporters’ Club disown them and make plans to form a new, independent club. Yet just under 12 months ago the club were proudly announcing the dawn of a new era. It…

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May 19, 2011

It Couldn’t Have Been Closer: How Chester’s Season Went To The Wire

The end of the domestic football season can perhaps be best summarised as a full sensory overload. It’s an intoxicating mixture of the stifling warmth of the spring, mixed with stomach-wrenching nervousness and the occasional feeling, or realisation, that something, or rather something else, is happening elsewhere. It’s a time of year when we are…

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May 1, 2011
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