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A Rhyme for Captain Blade and Ozzie Owl

By on Apr 1, 2011 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 0 comments

We use a familiar old nursery rhyme to record a tale for two of Sheffield’s proudest clubs. It somehow seems appropriate to use a children’s song when discussing matters relating to the birthplace of football. We omit the weekend bit in the limerick though, as there appears little at the moment to suggest things are bonny or blithe in the Steel City....

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We Watch Them So You Don’t Have To. The Worst Football Films Of All-Time Part 2. When Saturday Comes.

By on Jan 28, 2011 in Latest, Opinion | 11 comments

If they hadn’t nicked the name themselves from a song by The Undertones, the magazine might well have have sued. If you were to close your eyes and try to consider what “When Saturday Comes: The Movie” might entail, several ideas spring to mind. A loving paean to our game, perhaps, or a “Roger & Me”-esque investigation to the rotten...

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The Needle & The Damage Done

By on Jul 8, 2009 in English League Football, Latest | 1 comment

You’ve probably heard of “The War On Drugs”, the US government’s equivalent of pushing a pea up a hill with one’s nose which aims to eradicate illegal narcotics forever by cutting them off at source whilst telling young people that drugs are “bad, m’kay?”. Football has its own equivalent, the savage sentencing of...

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