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Euro Moments: Ireland 0

Euro Moments: Ireland

This mornings cartoon for the run-up to the European Championships from Dotmund features Ireland, and a player that would go on to become one of British footballs most incisive pundits. Only joking. It’s Andy...

Trying To Dissect The Thierry Henry Handball 37

Trying To Dissect The Thierry Henry Handball

The British media have been gorging on the reflected anger of the Thierry Henry handball saga over the last couple of days or so, but do Irish football supporters need the British media churning up a diplomatic row on the scale of The Bay Of Pigs Crisis over a mistake on the part of a referee?

Sir Bobby Robson – 1933-2009 3

Sir Bobby Robson – 1933-2009

It has been a very sad day for football on the eve of the new season. We have lost one of us. It is, perhaps, a reflection of the hole in the heart of...