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Pompey: The New Boss Could Be the Old Boss.

By on Nov 29, 2011 in Finance, Latest | 9 comments

Its a form of ‘Pass the Parcel’.  A crowd of Russian, Israeli, Hungarian, Hong Kong and even British businessmen sit in a darkened room and spin poor old Pompey around until it ends up in the hands of one or more of them. The holder then has to keep it going until he finds an exit strategy. Then it goes back on the table with the same players and gets...

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Pompey: An Unavoidable Calamity?

By on Nov 24, 2011 in Latest | 7 comments

Its getting to the point where Pompey fans are wondering if there is some kind of Karmic force coming to a head in the City. Something to do with all those Crusaders who set sail from there back in the middle ages perhaps? Because the tally of owners of ill-repute the club has had over the last 20 years is growing to epic proportions. One favourite game on...

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Policing Football Fans: Civil Liberties Or Taking Liberties?

By on Nov 6, 2011 in Latest | 8 comments

‘Football fans have been exposed to the type of policing historically that is probably unfair and untargeted. I think it’s evolved, I think it’s moved on. My football unit police with the best interests of football fans that are around safety and that’s our principle driver. It’s not you and us at all. We want to work with you. I’m really happy to work with football...

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Supporters’ Trusts: Some Hard Questions

By on Sep 3, 2011 in English League Football, Latest | 0 comments

This weekend the saga of Trust ownership at Wrexham extends. Plymouth Argyle struggle to find an ownership solution to coming out of administration. In the tales of duplicity and ineptness that abound behind these stories, the arguments in favour of the Supporters Trust movement are strengthened. Supporters’ Direct have made clear and cogent points that...

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In Praise Of Mediocrity – A Video Special: Portsmouth FC, 1989/90

By on Jun 20, 2011 in Latest, Video | 5 comments

We could, if we lived in a vacuum in which we only communicated with the mass media, be forgiven for thinking that football is all about the winning, the glory and the silverware at the end of the season. For a good many football supporters, however, whole seasons can pass by without a hint of anything exciting happening whatsoever. So it was, then, that Portsmouth...

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