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Port Vales Summer Of Optimism Returns To Square One

By on Aug 11, 2012 in Finance, Latest | 3 comments

200% has observed events at Burslem from a distance over the summer, as Port Vale appeared to be slowly edging towards an exit from administration. In recent weeks, Vale have begun to slowly edge nowhere. In the first of a two-part piece, Mark Murphy summarises what has happened, and what hasn’t happened at the club since April. In part two, he will try to detail...

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Port Vale In Administration: The End Of The Beginning

By on Apr 8, 2012 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 1 comment

“It will be the perfect administration, if true,” wrote the BBC’s Matt Slater on March 19th, in response to Port Vale joint administrator Gerald Krasner’s prediction of getting a deal with creditors signed off by the end of April. Krasner, to the surprise of no-one with experience of the self-confident Leeds United ex-chairman, was being somewhat bullish. But Vale’s...

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Port Vale: Out With The Old, In With The…. Who?

By on Mar 10, 2012 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 2 comments

On February 26th, local businessman Mo Chaudry said “administrators could be called in within two months” to League Two Port Vale. And this assessment, which appeared in the local Sentinel newspaper on February 26th 2011, found some unlikely – and probably unknowing – supporters as the old Vale Park regime finally disappeared. Former Chief Executive Perry Deakin...

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On The Brink: A Week In The Life Of Port Vale Football Club

By on Mar 3, 2012 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 0 comments

On September 25th 2008 the then Port Vale chairman Bill Bratt declared: “I feel the board and I have taken the club as far as we can.” And now, officially, they have. The end of the “Valiant 2001” era at Vale Park, which began when the self-styled “supporters” organisation bought Vale out of administration in 2003 will be mourned by no-one. However, the way it has...

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The Battle Lines Are Drawn At Port Vale

By on Feb 23, 2012 in Finance, Latest | 6 comments

Since 200% last cast a jaundiced eye over Port Vale, plenty has happened but little has changed. Each week seems to have brought a new revelation of ill-behaviour from Vale’s board (my forecast that at least one director will come out as a woman trapped in a man’s body hasn’t happened… yet). And fans have almost unanimously called for them to push off… or be pushed...

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