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Match Of The Week: Peterborough United 4-4 Cardiff City

Peterborough United came from 4-0 down to manage a draw against Cardiff City yesterday, a result that said something about the spirit of their team and about the shortcomings of a Cardiff City team which is trying to think of itself as a Premier League club in waiting.

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December 29, 2009

United Sack Ferguson & May Repent At Leisure

Darren Ferguson has left Peterborough United “by mutual consent”. This particular phrase is usually code for “we’ve sacked him but he has agreed to keep quiet in return for some money”, but in this case it may be more literal than is usual since the severance may suit all parties equally.

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November 11, 2009

Match Of The Week: Peterborough United 2-0 Leicester City

It’s Saturday lunchtime and England are playing later on this afternoon, but you wouldn’t know it in Peterborough. The top two divisions don’t have matches scheduled so that England can parade around in their strange new shirts, so Peterborough United against Leicester City might just be the biggest club match being played in Europe today….

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March 29, 2009

FA Cup Third Round Preview

Another FA Cup Third Round has come around, and again the biggest clubs in the land have to get down and dirty against teams that they don’t usually have to come up against. With the Premier League looking like it will go to the wire again this season, more managers will be tempted to take…

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January 3, 2009
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