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Mike Ashley Starts Selling The Soul Of Newcastle United

By on Oct 29, 2009 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 2 comments

There comes a point at which inept management crosses an invisible rubicon and passes into something even more depressing and worrying. There can be little arguing with the case for the prosecution. Ashley’s time in charge of Newcastle United has been an unmitigated disaster. He oversaw relegation from the Premier League when the club had the fifth highest...

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Football In The Regions: The North-East

By on Oct 21, 2009 in History, Latest | 0 comments

Fifty years after it first went on air, Tyne Tees Television is now a mere relic. A name from the past. Along with almost all of the other ITV regions, the company name all but vanished from our screens in October 2002 when ITV did away with its regional network and finally merged together as one lumpen mass. Tyne Tees was often criticised as an ITV company for the...

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Newcastle United Lose Two Million-Nil To Kevin Keegan

By on Oct 6, 2009 in English League Football, Latest | 0 comments

Newcastle United lost plenty of matches last season and never left you wondering how they did so. However, their recent loss at a Premier League Managers’ Arbitration Tribunal to former manager Kevin Keegan is another matter entirely. The media focus has, naturally been on a club which built a complex player recruitment structure, yet signed Uruguayan international...

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Match Of The Midweek: Blackpool 2-1 Newcastle United

By on Sep 17, 2009 in English League Football, Latest | 3 comments

Six decades ago, this would have been one of the matches of the season. The Blackpool side of Matthews, Mortenson and Perry against the Newcastle United of Jackie Milburn was two clubs in their pomp. Two clubs which, to paraphrase one Harold MacMillan, would never have it so good again. Skip forward six decades, and they find themselves in the same division for the...

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