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Find Out What It Means To Me

Joe Kinnear, one suspects, has been out of football for too long. If he hadn’t been, he wouldn’t have been as completely unaware of the FA’s much publicised “Respect” campaign, and could have save himself a journey from Newcastle down to Soho Square to answer some questions that the FA might have to ask him…

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November 11, 2008

Hang On A Minute – Joe… WHO?

Newcastle United supporters have spent much of the last couple of weeks being chippy about the rest of the world laughing at their football club. Far enough, in some respects. There has been a nasty undercurrent to much of the criticism of Newcastle’s supporters over the last few weeks, though my personal reaction to such…

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September 27, 2008

The Last Time I’ll Mention Newcastle United On Here For A While. I Promise.

So, it would appear that Newcastle United’s supporters have got approximately fifty per cent of what they wanted, with Mike Ashley’s official announcement that the club is up for sale, although it had been widely rumoured that he had been looking for an exit strategy for quite some time. The other fifty per cent –…

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September 16, 2008


There are few things in football that are more pleasurable to hear than a damn good booing, but you don’t hear enough of it these days. Too many football supporters are far too supine these days – they put up with whatever they’re given. There’s none of that going on at Newcastle United at the…

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September 13, 2008

A Tale Of Three Cities

It is a grim irony that the newspaper headlines have been consumed with the travails of three clubs who, at various points over the last two years or so, have been heralding brave new worlds of cash, star players and success. One of these clubs is just about to set out on a second odyssey,…

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September 5, 2008

Geordie Messiah In “Not Geordie Messiah” Shock

People always misjudged the anti-Glazer protests at Manchester United. It was always a more nuanced argument than being against foreign ownership in football. There is nothing wrong with foreign ownership of English football clubs, as long as they are well run. Randy Lerner’s time in charge at Aston Villa is proof of this, as if…

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September 2, 2008

A Minute’s Applause

On the eve of the new season, the hope and optimism are, in their own way, very entertaining to watch. There was, however, sad and sobering news this week in the form of an interview this week with Sir Bobby Robson, in which he confirmed that the lung cancer that he has been fighting is…

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August 9, 2008
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