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The Uncrowned Prince

The Uncrowned Prince

The memories of football fans, laced as they often are with a solid lack of sentimentality (at least we pretend they are), often leave little room for reminiscing about big money players who should have made it big, but didn’t. Believe me, I’m far from alone in this regard. Indeed, I’ve got the “him? ach,…

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March 30, 2014
Neil Park

Match Of The Week: Milan 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Perhaps this what they mean when they speak of the importance of qualifying for the Champions League. Milan away, in the last sixteen of what is, for better or for worse, Europe’s premier club competition. The San Siro excels in evenings of high drama – it could even be argued that it is architecturally theatrical…

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February 15, 2011

The Beckham Fairytale Stalls Before “Happily Ever After”

It is a small piece of received wisdom that when a major sporting event ends, there is a small power surge as millions of homes put the kettle on in order to make a cup of tea. When David Beckham pulled up during Milan’s match against Chievo yesterday, the same phenomenon may well have taken…

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March 15, 2010

David Beckham, The Green & Gold

The Champions League match between Manchester United and Milan had been punctuated by what are now starting to become familiar images. The green and gold gold scarves and the “Love United Hate Glazer” flags are starting to feel like part of the furniture at Old Trafford, but the question that was on many people’s lips…

March 12, 2010

Beckham & Galaxy – The Point Of No Return?

The match between LA Galaxy and Milan was always, in view of the recent goings-on between David Beckham and the Italian giants, going to be something of a powder keg, and the global media reaction to the events at the decidedly unromantically named Home Depot Center has said a lot about how Beckham has managed…

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July 22, 2009

Five Great European Cup Finals

If you open this morning’s newspapers, you’ll see that, in the opinion of the hacks, it’s already a foregone conclusion that this year’s European Cup final will be the greatest football match of all time. This may or may not come to pass, but it has some stiff opposition to overcome if it is to…

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May 27, 2009

Milan vs Arsenal

Well, good evening, everyone. Here’s something strange. I switched on the television at 7.30, and (lo and behold) ITV1 is showing Manchester United vs Lyon – a match which is surely a nailed-on home win. Fortunately, the considerably more interesting match between Milan and Arsenal is on ITV4, so we’re not limited to watching Rooney…

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March 4, 2008
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