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Few Tears For John Batchelor

The former York City owner John Batchelor died at the relatively youthful age of fifty-one in a Stockport hospital on the eleventh of April. The news of his death has been greeted with a mixture of shock and surprise by many that were aware of him. It would, however, be fair to say that his…

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April 19, 2010

Keith Alexander: 1956-2010

At the time of writing, England are about to kick off against Egypt in their first friendly match of 2010. This is football as a peculiar mix of Hollywood and pantomime, a story that often seems to have very little to do with what goes on during the matches themselves. It’s a world that frequently…

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March 3, 2010

Mansfield Town’s Act Of Faith In Their Supporters

Mansfield Town of the Blue Square Premier are running a little experiment on Saturday – their supporters can turn up at Field Mill for their home match against Gateshead and pay what they like to get in. It’s now down to the people of the town to show how much they value their football club.

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February 3, 2010

Match Of The Week I: Lewes 0-1 Mansfield Town

According to White Hart Lane legend, upon leaving White Hart Lane after an irrepairable breakdown in his relationship with the new owners, Keith Burkinshaw looked over his shoulder at the ground that he had rejuvenated so much during his time there and said, “There used to be a football club over there”. This is the…

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January 25, 2009

Little Rays Of Sunshine

It’s probably fair to say that we would all like the league tables at the end of the season to have been decided by events that take place on the field of play. This is why the points deductions that were handed out by the Football League during the summer left such a bad taste…

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January 12, 2009

An Early April Fool’s Joke

Take a close look at the picture on the left. That man is John Batchelor, and you might just be hearing quite a lot about him over the next few weeks or months. The reason for this is fairly simple – John Batchelor has launched a take-over scheme for League Two club which might even…

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March 28, 2008
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