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Rivalries & Hatred

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September 18, 2012

Cups Half Empty & Half Full At Goodison Park Last Night

In some respects, the fixture compilers had been a little unkind to Alex Ferguson. A trip to Goodison Park seldom feels like a guaranteed three points, and this year’s Everton vintage is one that looks upwardly mobile rather than one beset by the shadow of stagnation for the first time in several years, after all….

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August 21, 2012

The 200% Pre-Season Previews: Manchester United

Here we go again, then. This has been a summer of discontent at Old Trafford, with any activities in the transfer market comfortably overshadowed by the issuance of and reaction to a highly controversial IPO which has further divided supporters of a club which has seldom seemed ‘United’ in any sense other than in the…

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August 13, 2012
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