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City & United Fall From The Champions League

By on Dec 7, 2011 in English League Football, European Club Football, Latest | 4 comments

Anyone taking a bet at the start of the season would not have been able to predict how this would all end up. Manchester City and Manchester United kissed goodbye to the Champions League this season, and there were few mitigating factors that they could cite as a defence. Manchester United can point to their injury list and Manchester City can invoke their...

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City & United’s Misadventures In Europe Do Not Constitute A Crisis

By on Nov 23, 2011 in English League Football, European Club Football, Latest | 0 comments

Both of the Manchester clubs came unstuck in Europe last night. The Champions League campaigns of both Manchester City and Manchester United was certainly been amongst the biggest curios of the start of this season. Imperious and already pulling clear of the pack in the league, they have been broadly misfiring in their midweek matches, and last night they stumbled...

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Subbuteo, Manchester United & Me

By on Oct 27, 2011 in Latest, Opinion | 1 comment

I just bought an A4 print of a 1992-1994 Manchester United home kit Subbuteo player. I’m not a massive fan of Subbuteo, but there’s something about the aesthetic of it all that pleases me on a very base level. So much so that having ordered the print I had to stop myself from going to Ebay and buying numerous teams decked out in classic United kits. I’ve not played...

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Match Of The Week: Aldershot Town 0-3 Manchester United

By on Oct 25, 2011 in English League Football, Latest | 0 comments

Perhaps it is all a matter of perception. For clubs at one end of the spectrum, a home defeat at the hands of a local rival may be enough to start the tabloids gossiping. Supporters of Aldershot Town could be forgiven for shrugging their shoulders at such relative trivialities. They, in March of 1992, lost their club with two months of the season left to play and...

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