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Match Of The Week: Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United

If there was the slightest slither of doubt before, there probably isn’t any more. As much as some would like to wish it isn’t so, Manchester City glided to another comfortable win this afternoon against Newcastle United at The City of Manchester Stadium. It was a result which confirmed that Manchester United are going to…

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November 19, 2011

The Balance Of Power In Manchester Hangs In The Balance

Well, none of us expected that and, such was the imperiousness of Manchester City’s performance at Old Trafford this afternoon the thesauruses have already been wrung dry as the internet groans under the weight of the superlatives being thrown at Roberto Mancini’s team. This was a performance for the ages, one which will come to…

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October 23, 2011

The Most Important Manchester Derby Since The Last One

It’s been a big week for Manchester. First of all the Manchester Egg was, thanks to the Food and Drink festival, brought to the wider audience it deserved, smashing out of the cult snack niche in to mainstream acceptance, and in doing so being treated with the same sort of awestruck reverence that greeted Marty…

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October 22, 2011

Garry Cook Either Falls Or Is Pushed Onto His Own Sword

Farewell then, Garry Cook, whose resignation from his job came after a investigation carried out by Manchester City’s owners revealed that “there is foundation to Dr Onuoha’s allegations”, or, in other words, that not only did Cook send an email mocking the condition of Dr Anthonia Onuoha, the mother of and agent to one of the club’s…

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September 9, 2011

Garry Cook & Manchester City: More Questions Than Answers

Part of the problem with a twenty-four hour rolling news culture is that the need for instantaneous news, justice and retribution becomes like a drug. The story of Garry Cook’s email account has already buzzed around the world and it seems that most people have already made up their minds before Manchester City Football Club…

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September 5, 2011

Match Of The Week: Manchester City 4-0 Swansea City

In May of 1983, three clubs were relegated from the First Division. Brighton & Hove Albion were one, and the other two were Swansea City and Manchester City. Manchester City returned to the top flight a couple of seasons later but, for Swansea City, the intervening three decades have brought hardship and a couple of…

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August 15, 2011

The Twohundredpercent Premier League Previews: Manchester City

A spell broken, or a mere blip? This may be the question that Manchester City supporters are asking themselves as they prepare themselves for a season which will see their club fall under the spotlight of the media to a hitherto unprecedented extent. They may have been challenging for a place in the Champions League…

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July 30, 2011
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