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Carroll, Wilshere And The England Under-21s

Stuart Pearce’s selection of Jack Wilshere and Andy Carroll in the England  squad for the European Under-21 Championships in Denmark this summer and this has, predictably enough, reignited the club versus country debate. Luke Edwards reports. To go, or not to go? That is the question facing Jack Wilshire and Andy Carroll, after Stuart Pearce…

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May 7, 2011

Hillsborough: Twenty-Two Years On

First posted here on the 15th April 2009. Where were you on April 15th 1989? I was at Clarence Park in St Albans, for a Vauxhall-Opel League Premier Division match between St Albans City and Barking. It was a beautiful spring day, but there was little excitement in the air. City were just safe from…

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April 15, 2011

Liverpools Sponsors And The Asian Issue

This year has been quite kind to Liverpool Football Club so far. They may have been knocked out of the two trophies that they began 2011 with a chance of winning, but it’s likely that only the Europa League can be considered a genuine disappointment. The odds that they faced at Old Trafford were insurmountable,…

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March 31, 2011

The Premier League’s Day Of Madness

In October of 2010, New England Sports Ventures paid £218m to Liverpool Football Club plus an extra £83m to underwrite the club’s debts at the time. On the last day of January of 2011, the same organisation valued the Newcastle United striker Andy Carroll at £35m. We’ll return to this particular piece of news shortly…

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January 31, 2011

Match Of The Week: Liverpool 2-2 Everton

Whatever optimism may have been brought about amongst the red half of Liverpool by the appointment of Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool’s performance at Old Trafford last weekend, the fervour quietened just a little during the week at Bloomfield Road, when a performance as insipid as anything seen under Roy Hodgson saw them capitulate to Blackpool…

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January 16, 2011

FA Cup Third Round Weekend 3: Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool

If there is one thing that the last few weeks of Roy Hodgson’s time in charge of Liverpool Football Club became notable for, it was the mass of contradiction that enveloped it. Hodgson was the wrong man for the job at the wrong time, but the hysteria that seemed to engulf the club as the…

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January 9, 2011

2010: A Football Financial Review

You could frame it. If you wanted a short, pithy representation of all that has been wrong with football finance in 2010, you could do no better than quote a Plymouth Argyle fan known as “Sensible Surfer” on the BBC Football website over the Christmas period. “Ridsdale set to take control… good news,” he/she said,…

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January 1, 2011
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