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Match Of The Past: Ipswich Town

This afternoon, we continue our series of archive matches from the clubs of the Football League Championship with Ipswich Town. A league championship win in 1962 proved to be a flash in the pan for this club, whose greatest years would come more than a decade after this win, and we have seven matches from…

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September 23, 2012

Suffolk Punch: How Ipswich Town Shocked The Football League In 1962

It is entirely appropriate that Ipswich Town should have chosen last Saturday’s home league match against Barnsley as an opportunity to rename their South Stand as The Sir Alf Ramsey Stand, for this month marks a very special anniversary in the history of the club. It is fifty years ago this month the Ipswich Town…

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April 3, 2012

Supporters’ Trusts: Some Hard Questions

This weekend the saga of Trust ownership at Wrexham extends. Plymouth Argyle struggle to find an ownership solution to coming out of administration. In the tales of duplicity and ineptness that abound behind these stories, the arguments in favour of the Supporters Trust movement are strengthened. Supporters’ Direct have made clear and cogent points that…

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September 3, 2011

2010: A Football Financial Review

You could frame it. If you wanted a short, pithy representation of all that has been wrong with football finance in 2010, you could do no better than quote a Plymouth Argyle fan known as “Sensible Surfer” on the BBC Football website over the Christmas period. “Ridsdale set to take control… good news,” he/she said,…

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January 1, 2011

Match Of The Week: Ipswich Town 3-0 Leicester City

Winter came to visit us at the end of last week, and the out-stretching of his boney fingers was more like that of the Grim Reaper than of Jack Frost, knocking out game after game of the last weekend of matches prior to Christmas. As the day progressed, it soon became clear that very few…

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December 19, 2010
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