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A Matter Of Trust: Some Supporter-Owned Highlights From 2011

By on May 24, 2011 in Latest, Non-League | 4 comments

It is the end, then, of another long, hard season, and perhaps now is an appropriate time to be looking at how those clubs that are owned and run by their supporters trusts this season managed to fair. As AFC Wimbledon paraded the trophy that confirmed their accession into the Football League nine years after their formation, the words of the FA’s committee,...

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Franchising In Scotland

By on Mar 14, 2008 in Finance | 1 comment

In Scotland, the harsh realities of the wrong people getting involved in football clubs has been even more pronounced that it has been in England in recent years. Meadowbank Thistle were unceremoniously moved to Livingston, and several clubs have been left homeless or playing in two-sided grounds because of aborted development projects, but the most convoluted story...

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Too Much, Too Young?

By on Mar 8, 2008 in Finance | 0 comments

Some of you will have already seen the piece that I wrote for “Pitch Invasion” on the boom & bust football culture in Essex over the last fifteen years or so. The dangers of being dependent on a single benefactor are being thrown into even sharper perspective north of the border, where Gretna FC’s existence is now under threat as the result of...

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