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Greece 0-2 Sweden

By on Jun 10, 2008 in Latest | 5 comments

I don’t, with any conscience, have much time for ITV’s match summariser Jim Beglin. Unlike most other Liverpool players of the 1980s, I have no idea what he looks like (the fact that he has an Irish accent and is called Jim leads me involuntarily towards Jim McDonald out of “Coronation Street”), and I care for him even less than I did before...

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Euro 2004 – Group D

By on Jun 3, 2008 in Latest | 1 comment

Finally, Group D. One of the curiosities of media coverage of this group so far has been the enthusiasm with which writers have reached into their big bag of cliches. Spain are the perennial under-achievers (true, but no more than England are), Russia are the footballing equivalent of a massive bear wearing (without a hint of irony) a bear skin hat with a hammer and...

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