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The 200% Premier League Pre-Season: Fulham

By on Jul 22, 2013 in English League Football, Latest | 0 comments

Between now and the start of the season, we’ll be writing up all twenty of the Premier League clubs before it all kicks off again. If you’re here looking for all the latest transfer gossip, though, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Quite asides from anything else, it’s only July (a necessity borne of the fact that these have got to be written around work...

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The 200% Pre-Season Previews: Fulham

By on Aug 9, 2012 in English League Football, Latest | 1 comment

How long is a reasonable time for a club to be expected on find its feet in a new division? One year? Three years? Five years? It’s a question worth answering in the case of Fulham Football Club, because after over ten years in the Premier League, there are still some that consider this club to be interlopers in the top division, the plaything of an...

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Match Of The Past: Fulham FC

By on Jul 21, 2012 in Latest, Video | 0 comments

At their picturesque home on the banks of the River Thames Fulham have long been a favourite of the television broadcasters, and today we have six matches from their archive, from the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s. The sixties began with the club having just been promoted to the First Division for only the second time in its history, and our first match is home...

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Match Of The Week: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 Fulham

By on Aug 21, 2011 in English League Football, Latest | 1 comment

August is the month in the football calendar for untrammelled optimism, and most pre-season predictions for their team this season were less than flattering, but the supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers will finish the second weekend of the season with something of a smile on their face as they look at a league table that sees their team in second place on the...

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