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Never Forgive, Never Forget: The Return Of The Spectre Of The Unwanted FA Cup Match

By on Nov 4, 2012 in Latest, Politics | 40 comments

Here we go again, then. This afternoons draw for the FA Cup Second Round brought about, for the second time in three years, the distinct possibility of AFC Wimbledon having to play MK Dons in the worlds oldest cup competition and this draw is one that will likely provoke heated debate over the next week and a half or so. The first thing to say about this is that it...

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Stevenage Do Us All A Favour

By on Nov 17, 2010 in English League Football, Latest | 13 comments

While last night’s FA Cup match between Woking and Brighton & Hove Albion had its fair share of drama, the real excitement of the evening came in Buckinghamshire at something called Stadium:MK, where Stevenage FC snatched a dramatic late equaliser and then won a penalty shoout-out to book a place in the Second Round of the competition and spared the rest...

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Match Of The Week: ** **** 0-0 Scunthorpe United

By on May 16, 2009 in English League Football | 30 comments

So, you play a forty-six match season in which you have finished in third place, some distance clear of the opposition. At the end of that season, you have take part in a play-off match against a team that finished three league places and eleven points behind you, and you fail to kill them off over the 210 minutes of open played that transpire, and the tie goes to a...

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In Praise Of… “The Beautiful Game? Searching For The Soul Of Football”, by David Conn

By on Jan 23, 2009 in Latest, Opinion | 9 comments

In November 2001, I (as was my wont at the time) made the short journey from my flat in the centre of St Albans to Clarence Park to watch The Saints play Basingstoke Town in the Ryman League Premier Division. It was an uninspiring match – a flattering 3-1 win – but more concerning was that, rather than being able to settle down to watch the results come...

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Chasing The Argonauts

By on Jan 8, 2009 in English League Football | 0 comments

In the name of “progress”, we continue to be reminded about the dangers of frachising in football, and we continue to be right to stay vigilant against attempts to parachute teams into the Football League or senior non-league football. The fundamental principle is that, subject to concerns over the health and safety of large crowds, newly-formed clubs...

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