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England Totter Towards Euro 2012

For all the panic and soul-searching, then, England have qualified for next year’s European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, although their performance last night was again patchy and hinted at a team that is likely to struggle against the very best in Europe next summer. Moreover, England’s night – which should, or might, otherwise have…

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October 8, 2011

Ferguson Weeps, St. John Snarls, and Hutchison With The Header: BBC Sportsound Replay

Building up to this week’s final round of group qualifying fixtures for the 2012 European Championships, BBC Radio Scotland has produced short audio pastiches daily on their Sportsound programme featuring new interviews with former Scottish national team players along with rebroadcasting some audio caught in the moment after some big matches. Should you care to…

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October 7, 2011

Match Of The Midweek: England 1-0 Wales

There are empty seats at Wembley this evening. The FA’s hyperbolic per-match ticket advertising for this match may have made inferences to this being the match that everybody wants to see, but the fact that the advertisements were on display anywhere at all told its own story. There are red dots pock-marking the background at…

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September 6, 2011

England Lose World Cup Match On Penalty Kicks

Perhaps, on a bookshelf in the offices of the Football Association at Wembley Stadium, there is a leather-bound book called “How To Get Knocked Out Of  A Major Tournament”. It’s a well-thumbed tome, of course, and the England team at this year’s Women’s World Cup couldn’t help but crib from its extensive advice in getting…

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July 10, 2011

The 2011 Womens World Cup: England 2-0 Japan

Coming into form at the right time is a critical aspect of tournament football, but it is one that occasionally feels as if it is overlooked. This evening, against a team that played some sublime football in their previous match, England put in a performance which suggested that they might just be doing exactly this…

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July 5, 2011

England Start To Find Their Feet At The Womens World Cup

With thirty minutes left to play in Dresden last night, it looked as if the England team was heading out of the 2011 Womens World Cup. A goal down against New Zealand, having picked up a draw against Mexico in their opening match, they looked all but out of the competition, but two goals from…

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July 2, 2011

It’s Official: England Are The Fourth Best National Team In The World

The middle of the summer always brings about the “silly season”, that time of year when, with parliament sunning itself on beaches or relaxing on their country estates, news editors find themselves having to resort to a different angle in their reporting of the news. This extends to the sports pages as well, particularly in…

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June 29, 2011
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