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Ebbsfleet On The Brink?

The ongoing saga of Ebbsfleet United and My Football Club has long been a favourite chosen subject of this site. Their first round of renewals came around earlier this year, and the results were not encouraging for them. In spite of very vocal protestations to the contrary (not least in the comments section on here),…

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May 6, 2009

The Promotion Jitters

Burton Albion lost 2-1 at Ebbsfleet United in the Blue Square Premier on Wednesday night. There was, in itself, nothing extraordinary about this, but this defeat marks the third successive match that the once runaway leaders of the league have failed to win and, whilst they are still comfortably clear at the top of the…

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March 13, 2009

Ebbsfleet United: “I Told You So”, Part Two

It’s difficult to imagine anything that more succinctly captured the perils of the modern game than the MyFootballClub takeover of BSP club Ebbsfleet United. The takeover, which was completed this time last year to a largely unquestioning media fanfare, has proved to be not far short of an unmitigated disaster, with the number of MyFC…

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February 21, 2009

Laws Of Diminishing Returns

The casual observer might have thought that the world was at their feet. A not unimpressive mid-table finish and a Wembley win against Torquay United in the FA Trophy coupled with the deep pockets of Eurostar and the worldwide interest of MyFootballClub should, in theory at least, have set Ebbsfleet United up for an improved…

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July 21, 2008

Ghosts In The Machine

With a Wembley cup final to look forward to and an outside chance of making the Conference play-offs, you might be tempted to think that now is the best time to be a member of MyFootballClub, the website that purchased Conference club Ebbsfleet United and is now running the club. Cracks, however, are starting to…

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March 30, 2008

What On Earth Is Going On At Liverpool?

This season’s major trend has been a very singular type of managerial sacking, involving “intolerable pressure” building up in the media, directors and owners panicking, and a manager’s job becoming basically untenable, regardless of whether he deserves to be sacked or not. In some cases, it was undignified to the point of being embarrassing to…

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January 21, 2008

Who’s Football Club?

Most of you will probably remember the little bit of investigation that I undertook on the subject of the My Football Club take-over of Ebbsfleet United towards the end of last year. Well, I thought that it was time for a quick update on how things were progressing for this peculiar little exercise in “fan”…

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January 9, 2008
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