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Czechs Bounced Etc

By on Jun 16, 2008 in Latest | 0 comments

Slowly but surely, the records are being broken. It feels as if, one by one, new legends are being created on an almost daily basis at Euro 2008, and last night we had a new one to add to the list: the greatest comeback by an international team in the finals of a competition. To be honest about it all, the first seventy-five minutes of last night’s match...

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Portugal 3-1 Czech Republic

By on Jun 11, 2008 in Latest | 2 comments

It is a curious anomaly of Euro 2008 that this evening’s match between Portugal and the Czech Republic saw, in the tournament’s ninth match, the first equalizing goal of the competition. It counted for nothing in the end, but it did at least breathe life into a match that, prior to this, had started to look as if it would be little more than a procession...

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Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic

By on Jun 7, 2008 in Latest | 1 comment

A lot of bluster, and not much of an end result. This is the only conclusion that one can rationally draw from Switzerland’s performance this afternoon, both in the opening ceremony and in the match itself. For their opponents the Czechs, this afternoon’s match must feel like something half-way between a job well done and a smash and grab raid. First up,...

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Euro 2008 – Group A

By on May 23, 2008 in Latest | 0 comments

It’s that time again. The closing date for the squad lists to be submitted to UEFA for Euro 2008 is the 28th of May, but we already know enough about who will be there and who won’t to be able to start having a look at the groups for the finals of this year’s European Championships. This year’s finals haven’t been without controversy...

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