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Bruce Winfield 2

Bruce Winfield

The death of Bruce Winfield on Monday at the age of sixty-one marks the end of a short spell as the co-owner of Crawley Town, but supporters of the club are paying lavish tribute...

Compare & Contrast In Sussex 7

Compare & Contrast In Sussex

Perhaps the most important thing about a financial crisis at a football club is how the club itself reacts to the situation that has pushed it to the edge. Two non-league clubs in the...

Match Of The Week: Crawley Town 1-1 AFC Wimbledon 3

Match Of The Week: Crawley Town 1-1 AFC Wimbledon

One of the paradoxes of the FA Cup is that the more likely a club is to win it, the less they care about it. This doesn’t apply at the Fourth Qualifying Round stage, though, where the possibility of a big payday and the comparative glamour of a live match on the television looms on the horizon.

Little Rays Of Sunshine 0

Little Rays Of Sunshine

It’s probably fair to say that we would all like the league tables at the end of the season to have been decided by events that take place on the field of play. This...