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Ugly Goes Underground

By on Sep 22, 2011 in Latest, Scottish Football | 1 comment

Voices floating over Hadrian’s Wall after Sunday’s Old Firm derby sounded curiously, positive. Curiously positive in the sense that, with so much about Scottish football being accompanied by the sound of a death knell of late, hearing something good about two SPL clubs struck a more upbeat note. Rangers and Celtic gave those in attendance at Ibrox, along...

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An Old Firm Apology

By on Sep 16, 2011 in Latest, Scottish Football | 0 comments

According to the calendar, it is time to bash the first Old Firm match of this season. After all, ample material currently exists to do so just on their recent performances in Europe alone. Rangers failed to keep their European campaign alive past August whereas Celtic’s grand contribution was successfully challenging UEFA on the validity of an FC Sion squad...

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The Old Firm: Mea Culpa

By on Apr 15, 2011 in Latest | 0 comments

The main hazard attached to stridency of opinion is that you are often wrong. Sometimes, my success rate is in line with a stopped clock. And it appears my suggestion that Celtic were more sinned against than sinner in their recent Scottish Cup victory over Rangers was wide of the mark. The Scottish Football Association’s disciplinary process has found Celtic...

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Celtic & Rangers: Old Firm, Old Enmity, New Century

By on Mar 10, 2011 in Latest, Scottish Football | 17 comments

Imagine different circumstances surrounding Manchester United’s defeat at Liverpool last Sunday. Leave aside Jamie Carragher’s nasty tackle on Nani, Nani’s ability to race to the referee before collapsing in an injured heap and the glorious sight, which may stay with me forever, of referee Phil Dowd, arms folded, watching from a distance like a disapproving dinner...

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Clearing Up A Few Loose Ends: Celtic, Portsmouth And (Briefly) Wednesday

By on Oct 27, 2010 in English League Football, Finance, Latest, Scottish Football | 10 comments

It’s the football scandal of a generation. And it won’t go away. Colleen Rooney, photographed blatantly sipping a cool drink by a holiday swimming  pool… while there’s a recession on!! I mean not one single British passport holder anywhere else in the world has done that in the last week. As to whether that shite really does sell newspapers, that’s a debate...

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