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Match Of The Past: Carlisle United

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It was not much longer ago than forty years that what we now know as the county of Cumbria (which, in the interests of historical exactitude, we should point out didn’t come into existence until 1974) had three Football League clubs. Barrow, however, lost their place in 1972 and Workington followed them five years later, leaving Carlisle United as the sole...

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100 Owners: Number 91 – Michael Knighton (Carlisle United)

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At opposite ends of the Football League, he was involved in events which bookended the 1990s, and his failure to take control of one of the biggest football clubs in the world remains one of the great “what if” questions of that last couple of years before the introduction of the Premier League. Michael Knighton, however, was much more than just a...

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Bordering On The Ridiculous

By on Nov 12, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

In the olden days, managers either resigned, or they were sacked. There was something noble about the resignation of a football manager. The admission that they weren’t quite up to the job. The falling on the sword in order to spare the greater dignity of The Club. The flipside to this was the sacking which, in all honesty, was just as dignified. The manager,...

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Border City Blue

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The 8th of May 1999 was a big day for Carlisle United Football Club. Members of the Football League for just over seventy years, they were the only surviving club of the three Cumbrian clubs that had once been members of the Football League (Workington and Barrow having lost their places in the 1970s), but now their place in the League was on the line and they had...

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